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Didelta Automation is a subsidiary technology company that is aimed at providing innovative automation solutions across various sectors. 


We provide products and services in the industrial automation industry with a focus on maximising revenue generation for our customers, by greatly reducing the costs associated with poor inventory management that have become so common in the operations of many organisations.

Industrial Vending Machines

We provide a wide range of industrial vending solutions. Unlike conventional machines, our machines are customisable, tailor made, automated asset management solutions that are designed for the office and industrial environment.


_USZ5995 copy.png

Designed to deliver immediate cost-reduction. Take the first step in the optimization of last meter logistics! 


Addressing the reservation, dispensing, renting/sharing, and return functions of up to 540 unique items



Store and dispense small and mid-sized items, tools, or equipment in a controlled way



A solution combining multiple functionalities. Dispense, return, crowned by the ability to swap used or undesired tools or equipment for new ones


Enables your company to selectively recollect used and contaminated items, creating a controlled and closed system for life/use cycle management


Smart Container Solution designed primarily for the construction industry supplied with a selection of IVM machines of your choice

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Our industrial vending solutions are custom and tailor made to your specific needs. Contact us to get a free evaluation and find out how we can start optimising your business.

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