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Data Processing

Application Perfomance Monitoring


Computer Hardware and Software

The Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver application performance monitoring (APM), artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps), IT infrastructure monitoring, digital experience management (DEM), and digital business analytics capabilities.

The Dynatrace software intelligence platform is a 3rd generation monitoring solution that goes beyond monitoring and focuses on automation. Many use cases are accelerated using Dynatrace:

  • Application performance monitoring

  • Digital experience monitoring

  • Business Analytics

  • Infrastructure monitoring

  • Dynatrace Smartscape and AI

  • Automation

  • Application Security​


Dynatrace focuses on automation, therefore we provide a single OneAgent that will automatically inject itself into any application or container or pod with zero configuration. This supersedes the other APM solutions on the market as you don’t require strenuous workshops to understand your applications before you can gain actionable insights into your applications. Dynatrace provides insights on installation and gains a baseline of your environment within 7 days with it’s built in AI engine.


Dynatrace provides the ability to apply anomaly detection on transactions based on business data and contains an extensive amount of API’s to align with business reporting tools.

A single OneAgent installation provides insights from your infrastructure, applications processes and user interactions.

Additional Videos on Dynatrace:

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