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Incident Reduction

Built for the Enterprise

Eliminate tickets (and IT disruption) by more than 35% across your organization


As the digital workplace undergoes rapid transformation, businesses are faced with an unprecedented volume of issues with immediate business impact. Existing solutions to handle these issues are not built to scale to meet this growing complexity. IT is under pressure to deliver without the right supporting solutions in place. This results in greater IT disruptions triggering employee productivity loss and major escalations in IT support costs. The bottom-line result is frustrated employees, an IT team that struggles to be successful, and a steady risk of potential major disruptions to business operations.


Solving these challenges requires a new way of thinking. What if you were able to prevent tickets from being raised in the first place? With Nexthink, IT teams gain unique end-user perspective that allows them to focus on detecting and correcting issues that impact employees, directly at the source. In real time. Often even before the end user knows! Using Nexthink, IT teams can easily and speedily analyze, visualize and act on issues, keeping your digital ecosystem running safely and smoothly, with zero disruption.


  • Decrease productivity loss

  • Reduce IT operations costs

  • Reduce risk of enterprise-wide breakdowns

  • Improve digital workplace experience

“My team could proactively and automatically resolve a C drive space issue on end-user devices accounting to over 10TB of data moved, hence avoiding more than 6,000 tickets.”

Mr. Ankur Jalpota

Practice Head, Strategic & Transformation, Wipro Limited


Gain back lost productivity spent on resolving incidents and kickstart a new, proactive approach to incident management. Nexthink makes this a reality with a three-fold approach to incident reduction that is instantaneous, automatic and seamless.


01. Proactivity

Finding and fixing issues before impact

Our intelligent technology constantly looks for anomalies in a sampling of devices and applies mass healing on all relevant devices.

  • Identify “early warnings” and stop issues from spreading/ occurring

  • Uncover devices exposed to known issues and remediate before they occur

  • Examples: Replace hardware, analyze performance issues before user impact


02. Self-Healing

Instant issue resolution

Our self-healing approach diligently detects and corrects issues on endpoints, in real time.

  • Automatically detect and fix issues on endpoints

  • Uphold the expected status of a healthy digital workplace

  • Examples: Maintain proxy settings, repair business applications, map network drives.

03. Self-Help

Identify issues and enable employees to remediate

Nexthink offers a new and dynamic way of enabling IT self-help. We bring identified issues directly to the employee and prompt them to remediate with a single-click.

  • Automatically diagnose devices with instant user notification

  • Resolve issues with 1-click user-assisted remediation

  • Examples: Hard disk clean-up, disabling services, optimize display settings



We provide assessment and implementation services to identify where Nexthink technology can be leveraged for incident reduction.


Nexthink provides digital experience management for the enterprise. Nexthink combines data collection and monitoring, analysis & intelligence and communication, with the ability to take automated action and engage with employees to gather the right context for continuous optimization. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo.

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