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Welcoming new colleagues for their induction? Need to have a laptop or a phone or any other electric hand tool replaced by the IT or Operations department? Aiming to meet the needs of home-based colleagues in maintaining safety? 

None of the above has been easier: the SaveFlex allows virtually touch-free access to items assigned to personal use at any time of the day. Once the item is placed into the chosen locker, a message is sent to the peer to collect the item. The Swap functionality permits the users to return an item and collect a new/maintained/updated/repaired one or a fully charged battery operated item with personal settings already uploaded and synchronized. Ideal for HR, IT, and operations departments, SaveFlex caters to multiple use cases in various industries.


What does a SaveFlex offer?

  • Safe and human contact-free and simple dispensing, rent/share, return, or exchange of items 24/7

  • The evenly distributed workload of IT, maintenance, or HR departments

  • The ability of scheduling tool and equipment repair contributing to employee happiness

  • Logging and documenting transactions and the ability to register small asset whereabouts

  • The monitoring via a local network, distant diagnostics, and data-access allow smart repair, replacement and other decisions to be taken

  • The modular setup and the variable-size lockers allow designing optimal SaveFlex configuration thereby increasing the types of tools and equipment to be managed through SaveFlex

  • Built-in electric and LAN plugs in all lockers (optional, but ideal for ICT segment use)

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