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Designed for life/use cycle management, SaveReTurn allows responsible recollection of contaminated items. The concept supports environmental considerations as the items taken from a SavePro or a SaveBox System, operating the SaveReturn, can selectively be returned.

Let your company enter into a new era flavored by a zest of environmental consideration when we all can take a shared commitment for saving for environmental concerns. Select a SaveReturn with the desired configuration as the receiving part can be divided into up to 3 parts, each operates by a separate door. As the size of the doors and the receiving bag or container sizes vary, there is little limitation to selective recollection. Are there more than 3 product types to be selectively recollected? The SaveReturn system can be scaled up by adding subsequent units.

Once the article is returned, the built-in camera takes a photo of the item returned and links it to the profile of the peer in SaveLog returning it. Subsequent pick-up is not allowed up until an article. The configuration may vary.

What does the SaveReturn offer?

  • A selective recollection of contaminated items or articles of up to 3 product types per machine

  • Scalability through linking multiple SaveReTurn machines

  • Variable door and container/bag sizes allowing the return of oversized items

  • Easy, 3-step return using the same identification method as for other machines powered by SaveLog

  • Supports the implementation of corporate environmental protection initiatives across the various departments and areas of operation

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