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Tools and items often go missing. Operated by a SaveBox Control Unit, the SaveBoxes of various sizes give you the ability to design a custom-built locker setup, matching your needs perfectly. Powered by IVM’s proprietary SaveLog System, the SaveBox System lets you optimize the distribution of small or mid-sized or even fragile products on the shop floor or in your office building.

The optional Scaling System makes it simple to post the use or consumption of small items, which are difficult to measure one-by-one, like screws or light items, like protective vests to the pre-defined cost or project code(s), thereby eliminating the need for manual administration.

What does a SaveBox System offer?

  • Virtually all-time availability through access in 24/7

  • Reduced consumption or item use through traceability tracking and monitoring

  • Personalized, realtime change of access rights and multiple other parameters

  • Easy pick up using the selected identification method and simple-to-use multilingual user interface

  • Automated alerts, notifications, reports to the designated peers in case of pre-set criteria

  • Changing the way how you think of micro-logistics of various items

  • Extension and integration with other IVM powered machines and solutions

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