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Business Service Management


ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. This is the future of work. Behind every great experience is a great workflow.

When work flows naturally, great experiences follow. The Now Platform delivers a smarter way to workflow across industries.

IT Operations Management

Get better visibility into your infrastructure and services, prevent service outages, and expand your organization's operational agility with ServiceNow® IT Operations Management.

See more and do more with IT Operations Management

Accelerate your cloud strategy with IT Operations Management. Improve your organization's cloud utilization, drive down costs, automate requests, and aid in approvals and governance of the infrastructure that supports native cloud environments.

Get visibility into your infrastructure and services

Take charge of your infrastructure and services from one source. Improve service quality, strengthen change processes, reduce risk, optimize your infrastructure spend, and minimize software compliance issues.

Avoid and solve service issues effectively

Free up your IT staff from time-consuming, error-prone tasks and drive down service outages with AIOps. Accelerate issue resolution with relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data.

Get visibility into your infrastructure and services


Instantly see the service impact of your infrastructure issues and changes, simplify root-cause analysis, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR). End-to-end discovery and service mapping gives you an accurate, up-to-date CMDB view of your IT infrastructure and services. The resulting complete and reliable record is used by other ServiceNow applications, such as ITOM Health, ITOM Optimization, and Software Asset Management. In this way, you can improve service quality, strengthen change processes, reduce risk, optimize infrastructure spend, and minimize software compliance issues.

Get visibility into your infrastructure and services


ITOM Health uses the power of AIOps to turn events into actionable alerts. Pinpoint service issues and rapidly identify and remediate the root cause. Unlike legacy event management systems, which are static and rule based, ITOM Health applies machine learning and advanced analytics to correlate events, adapting automatically to rapidly evolving virtualized and cloud environments.

Accelerate cloud strategy and reduce costs


IT Service Management

The IT Service Management (ITSM) solution provides scalable workflows to manage and deliver IT services to your users all through a single cloud-based platform. The ITSM solution can help increase your agents' productivity, resolve issues quickly, and improve user satisfaction. Also, powered by platform native AI, you can quickly accelerate technology changes and view recommended actions for incoming tickets or requests and drive self-service and automation through enterprise chatbot technology. The NOW Platform also provides users access to ITSM via mobile or web-portal interfaces.

ITSM is the foundation of digital transformation

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Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT services

The Now Platform was built for the cloud and has its own shared data model, AI, and workflow automation that are leveraged by many IT applications. The combination of the ServiceNow platform and applications helps you increase productivity by automatically identifying and resolving issues, which reduces the negative business impacts of unplanned, non-strategic work.

Comparing a typical IT department with scattered tools to the Now Platform linking IT functions

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Enhance the service experience

Automate support for common requests with virtual agents powered by natural language understanding (NLU). Engage users with natural, human conversation to provide consistent good customer service experiences.

Consolidate IT services

Rapidly consolidate existing tools to a single system of action in the cloud.

Improve IT productivity

Use machine learning algorithms and virtual agents to automate routine tasks and increase the productivity of agents.

Gain visibility into processes and services

Get full visibility into any process or service with built-in dashboards and analytics providing real-time, actionable information to improve service quality.

Provide mobile connectivity

Enable employees to find answers and get work done from a modern mobile application.

Enhance the service experience

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Automate routine agent interactions and increase the speed of resolution from the Employee Center portal. With supervised machine learning, you can automate incident categorisation and assignment and eliminate bottlenecks created by manual incident triaging. Meet increasing demands without further adding staff and empower existing IT staff to focus on more meaningful work.

Consolidate IT services

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Reduce the number of separate tools your company uses to provide a consistent service experience regardless of the issue or the request. Consolidating IT services enables you to better manage and allocate resources and track performance. You can have a single reliable source of information where performance is monitored in real time and data is easy to capture and report.

Improved IT productivity through chatbots and machine learning

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Accelerate resolution with built-in machine learning. Chatbots provide immediate resolution to common questions. With ITSM Virtual Agent in action, you can have employees with 24*7 support service. Service desk agents can take advantage of machine-learning automation to resolve incidents and recommend resolutions for agents based on similar incidents solved in the past.

Gain visibility into processes and services

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Make smarter decisions with real-time analytics across the entire IT value chain. Get new insights into service performance using data trends and forecasts. With Performance Analytics, you can anticipate trends based on current conditions and past performance and identify areas where automation can increase efficiency.

Gain visibility into processes and services

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Stay connected and access information in real time using the ITSM mobile agent. You can access work assigned to you or your group, receive push notifications, and approve or reject change requests and requested items. The ITSM mobile agent is available on the iOS platform from the Apple App Store or on the Android platform from the Google Play Store.

Edge Encryption for ITSM Virtual Agent within ITSM

Edge encryption provides you with direct control over your data security. Encryption and key management are performed on your intranet between your browser and your ServiceNow instance.

Because edge encryption is enabled on a proxy server on your side of the network, there is significant planning, network administration and management, and setup required.

Industry Products

ServiceNow® Industry Products extend the value of the Now Platform by introducing data models, frameworks, and capabilities required to address the specific digital transformation challenges of each industry.

Accelerate your digital transformation to meet the unique needs of industries with powerful digital workflows. Learn how to connect teams, orchestrate work, add automation, and drive out inefficiency all in service of great customer experiences.

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