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The all-in-one solution, SaveStore brings the warehouse next to the place, where pick-up, return, rent/share, and use happens, or where it is the most logical, thereby minimizing the time required for the workers having to walk long distances and be absent from their place of duty.

Life/use cycle management, smart asset management as well as the very simple, one-off transactions happen in one place. What is the ideal portfolio of machines to be placed into SaveStore?

Having consulted with your stakeholders, an IVM Solution Consultant will advise, as SaveStore is a highly customizable solution. Furthermore, increase your workers’ or subcontractors’ worktime optimization by positioning multiple SaveStores at various places of the construction site and making PPE, MRO items, or hand tools or equipment available at various locations. Decrease queues at peak times of vending, pick-up, or return!

What does the SaveStore offer?

  • Secured access into the SaveStore for authorized personnel only

  • Access to articles, tools, and equipment in harmony with the access-right policy set up in SaveLog System, which is to ensure traceability and full control

  • Access in 24/7 in support of the workers’ long(er) working hours or overtime, without having to provide for corresponding extra opening hours of a central warehouse

  • Human contact-free transactions increasing personal hygiene and safety

  • Consumption-based alerts and notification allowing re-order, refilling once minimum levels reached

  • Flexible and customized machine portfolio in support of local needs and increased efficiency


Machines compatible with SaveStore

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