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Didelta is an end-to-end digital transformation company. We help you navigate complex digital terrain on the path to change. Digital experience is nuanced on the front end and complex on the back end.

Our Services

Our Solutions

We service clients across all sectors including financial, health, telecommunication, manufacturing and government sectors.

Industrial Vending Machines

We provide products and services in the industrial automation industry with a focus on maximising revenue generation for our customers

Application Performance Monitoring

Deliver enhanced customer experience with application monitoring, by being able to identify and resolve issues in real-time before they impact customers.

Business Service Management

Transform your business with digital workflows on a single, unified platform. Connect your enterprise and modernise operations to deliver the IT of tomorrow.

Desktop Monitoring

Gain back lost productivity spent on resolving incidents and kickstart a new, proactive approach to incident management. 

Cyber Security

Information and communication technology (ICT) security measures are necessary to protect confidential information from unauthorised use, modification, loss or release.

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